READERS ARE THINKERS: We may call it a revolutionary evolution in Malayalam media, an evolution of thinking. For the first time in the contemporary reading of the Malayali, it is fusion of technology and creativity in perfection. An attempt in future media, for the ever evolving Malayali reader, the thinking mind.

GLOBAL AND PLURAL: Today, the environment demands a futuristic reading of politics, science, art, literature, culture and life itself. Our endeavour is to customise these themes as the content of new reading. It will abide by and endorse the politics of democracy, plurality , secularism and environmental rights.




TRUE COPY THINK will reach you as a complete "ethical portal”. This will be a socially responsible and honest digital platform hosting in-depth multimedia content including creative writing, podcast, analyses, interviews, talks, documentaries on subjects varying from science to politics.  THINK, will cater to those readers who appreciate serious content which trigger thoughts. With  analytical updates, we assemble explanatory diagnoses of everything that is news and beyond, revolutionising the portal experience.




The success of a portal or a magazine depends much on the view, vision and objective of its editorial board. A constructive and creative editorial board will be a differentiator for TRUE COPY.


Kamalram Sajeev-  Chief Editor and Managing Director

Kamalram has been a pioneer in experimenting and reshaping magazine journalism in Malayalam. A journalist with 30 years experience in various forms of journalism, he has been instrumental in moulding committed and political in-depth journalism.


Manila C Mohan- Executive Editor

Manila has been active in Malayalam journalism for 20 years. In these two decades she has worked in print, visual and online media extensively.


Rajesh Athrassery-  CEO

In a volatile market, strategy and strong business processes welded with technology is equally important for the success of the organisation. The diaspora of serious Malayalam readers is spread across the world. So a strong and committed team is required to ensure a seamless delivery of product to such a diverse spread of readers. Keeping this in mind TRUE COPY has equally strengthened its execution team.Rajesh has three decades of corporate experience. He will be supporting the editorial team  in execution of their visions and strategies.




We are starting up this intellectual enterprise with transparent and socially auditable capital. TRUE COPY THINK is indebted to each and everyone who, without the lightest hesitation, extended their unstinted support. Such a venture will be successful only by the support of its readers and well wishers. We invite you to patronise this socially responsible undertaking for new online journalism experience.






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