Where Languages Fail, Music Speaks

Omkarnath Havaldar is a prominent musician, composer, and vocalist in Hindustani Classical Music, and he is known for his innovative approach to re-composing traditional music compositions while maintaining the structure and grammar of the original raga. In this interview, he talks about his devotional composition Kamalanayana, which is based on the Raga Gorakh Kalyan. This composition was originally composed by his father, Dr. Nagaraj Rao Havaldar, and Omkarnath Havaldar reworked it to create a new interpretation of the music. Omkarnath speaks about the technological enhancement of music in the contemporary era and how Hindustani music breaks the barriers of regional languages. He shares how he involves in the redesign of the musical instrument Tanpura to make it easier to tune and shares his experience of recomposing Malayalam poems, such as Oduvil Ottayakunnu, which was written by the renewed poet K. Satchidanandan. Also, he points out that online teaching has become an increasingly great way to learn music and this has provided students with access to a wider range of teachers and resources, as well as the flexibility to learn at their own pace. A long detailed interview of Omakarnath Havaldar with the versatile singer Mazha S.